Do you see this photo?

Look closely.

Because even though it might not look like anything special...

...this "blocked pipe" explains WHY your lungs are clogged up and desperately trying to get air…

Leading to wheezing, chest tightness, constant coughing, shortness of breath, & excess mucus... that saps your energy & damages your breathing and lung function.

This "airway blocking protein" detected by American Scientists may provide proof…

That your struggle to finally get a deep breath isn’t completely caused by... avoiding smoking, pollutants, allergies and poor breathing habits...

( cigarettes, ammonia, hay or air borne respiratory ailments.)

In fact, it may actually have to do with an entirely different part of your body...

That is causing your airways to look like a blocked pipe...

This scientific breakthrough explains why common treatments like...

..cough mixtures, home remedies, or unproven supplement ingredients aren't as effective in providing long term results...

In fact, this cutting-edge research shows that these common remedies can even make your problem WORSE over time...

Leading to you feeling even more frustrated, confused, and possibly disabled by this nightmare...

So if you have any of the following symptoms…

Symptoms Image

Chronic cough (either productive or dry)

Symptoms Image

Excess mucus production

Symptoms Image

Tightness in your chest, or a feeling that something is stuck in you chest

Symptoms Image

Wheezing (High-pitched, whistle like sound) when you breathe

It's important that you stop everything you're doing...

And read this article immediately to understand your condition before the damage gets any worse...

Especially if you are over the age of 50.

But before I explain why this is happening to
you, let me first introduce myself...

Hi, my name is Melissa Cernovich...

First and foremost, I am a Mother of 3 (Nicholas, Sandy, and Jonathan), a wife to my loving husband Peter, and the Daughter of 2 amazing parents (Martha & Lee)…

But what I am most famous for is being a lead researcher at:

At our research firm, we work with a variety of specialists including…

  • Harvard trained Medical Doctors
  • Respiratory physicians
  • Asthma educators
  • ​Respiratory Physiotherapist

We work with doctors & respiratory therapists of this caliber, for one simple reason...

To help our patients end their suffering from lung problems…

Because of our research, we’ve quickly become enemy #1 and this places a target on our back by every doctor & pharmaceutical company around the world!

For good reason… we’ve exposed their expensive procedures & drugs for what they really are...

Dangerous and potentially life-threatening.

Corruption at it's finest!

There's A Hidden Reason Why Most Solutions You've Tried In The Past, Have Only Provided "Short Term" & Temporary Relief...


If you're reading this, you've probably tried countless "Doctor Recommended Solutions" to try and make your breathing better...

Sure, they may provide temporary relief... but for many, they’re nothing more than an expensive short term solution.

I've seen too many patients get worse and worse by trying these "quick fixes" that never work long term...

But the cold hard truth is if you don't fix the CORE reason that's hindering your ability to breathe, then soon you might not even be able to climb stairs, change your bed sheets, or even take a shower... without feeling short of breath...

A recent scientific discovery has revealed that many cases of lung issues are actually due to an "airway blocking protein" that completely hinders your ability to breathe...

When this protein takes over, it activates a sequence of "lung destroying events" that interferes with our lung’s natural ability to protect itself, and severely restricts your airflow…


Which cannot be solved with a drug or surgery...

So, if you’re suffering from lung issues and have difficulty breathing...

I can’t tell you how important it is for you to take action immediately and not wait until a full-blown crisis makes this nightmare so much worse and takes you down...

Or even worse... lifelong damage to your lung health that rips your life apart into tiny little puzzle pieces that you can never put back together...


And that's why I devoted my life to helping people with this problem...

I've heard countless stories of broken families, desperate families who would do anything to get help for their loved one who was suffering...

But they were lost on what to do and where to get started...

I knew I needed to help these desperate families piece back their families by finding a safe, effective and powerful solution...

It all started when I read stories that sent shivers down my spine and tears down my face...

Heartbreaking stories of mothers and fathers, grandparents aging 20, 30, 40 years in the span of a few years, or even months...

So before I start this I must warn you...

It's 4:31am and I haven't slept a wink.

It's hard to breathe when I'm laying down, and every 10-15 minutes, when I start dozing off...

My wheezing and coughing haunt my sleep and prevent me from getting any rest...

Although sitting upright relieve my chest tightness, it makes it IMPOSSIBLE to fall asleep...

I've tried everything, all the home remedies and supplements I could find, but NOTHING works!


I have to sleep in another bedroom so my husband can get some sleep and it's ruining our relationship.

I feel like a child that he takes care of...

He helps me up and down the stairs like I'm some "old lady" - no wonder our sex life is DEAD!

And if that wasn't bad enough, I lost my job after 17 years of devoting my life to my career...

My coughing was labelled a distraction and the clients were disgusted by the yellow and brown stuff I'd cough up...

All the crap my doctor told me to try is NOT helping me, I am at the end of my rope.

My life has turned into a nightmare, please help me, I don't know what else to do and I'm scared how long I'll suffer for.

I'm using my inhaler and I take my meds the doctor gave me when I have trouble breathing...


I try to keep a positive attitude, but it's not getting any better, what do I do?

Every morning I wake up feeling like I'm trapped in a nightmare, I can't keep suffering like this...

I can't sleep, I can't exercise, and I can't even walk up the stairs or take a shower anymore...

This is ruining my golden years and making my grandkids think I'm lazy and don't love them because I can't play with them...

I've become depressed and anxious about how long I'll struggle with my breathing issues...

I've always been fit and active, so it's killing me that I'm basically disabled...

I don't understand why this is happening or what to do to make it go away...

I've had nasty coughing spells at dinner in front of friends and family, and it's disgusting...

I have to get up and walk out before I cough up phlegm that will ruin everyone's stomach...

I don't even want to go out in public anymore, because it's humiliating when the next coughing fit will strike...

Today was the first day of my life that I actually thought about suicide...


It's scary to admit, but I'm living in hell and I don't know how to escape.

The panic of feeling like you're choking and can't breathe is too much...

Feeling like I'm running out of breath and the depression of not seeing a road to recovery is mentally and emotionally draining...

6 months in, and I almost gave in.

I started looking at my "options" to end the suffering once and for all.

But then my grandkids flung the front door open, running towards me with their arms open to hug me...

I knew that I couldn't do it, I couldn't do it to them...

I needed to find a way to get my health and life back, but I'm running out of options...

After listening to hundreds of patients, I know how it feels to suffer every minute of every day. It feels like you're living in a nightmare that you don't wake up from...

  • Depressing thoughts fill your mind like "Will I suffer for the rest of my life?"
  • ​The fear of having no real solutions to the problem...
  • ​The fear of not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel...
  • ​The fear of being a burden on your family, your own spouse needing to take care of you like a child...
  • ​The fear of people cracking jokes and asking what's wrong with me?
  • ​The fear of choking while I sleep...

I spent years trying to help my patients with their breathing challenges caused by various health issues...

But when it came to coughing, wheezing, and difficulty breathing...

And even expensive lung transplants were not getting the long-term results that my patients needed to live a long, healthy life...

I felt like a failure as a doctor...

I knew that science had a solution, but I was shocked that it would come from nature...

For thousands of years, people have been fixing all kinds of health problems with little-known natural solutions...

You don't have to take the "mainstream medical establishment" route...

Laying in bed, sleeping all day, getting frustrated!

I get it, that's the easy way out...

And I know you're desperately trying everything to fix yourself...

Yet no matter what you try...

You still wake up in the nightmare and it simply won't go away...

"I started feeling like my own mother didn't love me..."

It started off when she stopped coming to family events like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and birthdays...

She missed my birthday and my son's birthday 3 years in a row and I was devastated...

Then it got so bad that my mom didn't want to leave her bedroom, it was a chore for her to take showers and go up and down the stairs...


So my dad and I would bring her food every day and night...

It felt like my mom was 95 even though she was only 55 years old...

These breathing issues changed her...

It made her a shell of herself...

The worst version of herself...

We worry she will live the rest of her life suffering like this...

It kills me to watch my own mother suffer and simply survive day to day...

One night, she got upset and frustrated and tried to give herself a shower without my dad helping and she slipped and fell and broke her hip...

This cause a whole slew of new problems...

And it led her to becoming even more depressed...

I was seeing red with anger when I discovered that none of my mom's discomfort and suffering was necessary...

Which leads me to The #1 LIE when it comes to trying to fix your lung issues…

If you want to put an end to blocked airways and shortness of breath, you have to get RID of the root cause of the problem...

...Not just try and "mask" the problem.

This is why other solutions, such as home remedies and unproven supplements can leave you worse off than you were before...

Most over the counter suppressants are completely useless in dealing with the root cause!


Then there’s the other Webmd study that shows over the counter cough suppressants do NOT even help with your cough!!

I know that’s a bold claim, but I’ll prove it to you.

Take over the counter cough suppressant, for example.

Doctors love to prescribe them...

… So much so that we spend nearly billions of dollars every year on them.

This is despite the fact they don’t solve the root cause of the problem

And despite the fact that, when it comes to lung damage, the science is crystal clear...

Most doctors have it all wrong.

They’re great when it comes to putting you together after a bad accident.

But they’re lousy at fixing things that can’t be cured with dangerous procedures or a pill!


"Big Pharma Has Been intentionally suppressing research About natural solutions For breathing problems... To Fatten Their Pockets!"

The more I researched and learned, the more I became enraged!!

I discovered the biggest pharmaceutical companies, were doing everything in their power to keep natural solutions hidden from the public.

You can't patent or trademark a "natural" solution...

So they were paying millions of dollars to their legal teams to shut down ANY company offering "natural solutions to improving your breathing" so they could eliminate all potential competition!

And while they would do this, they would be advertising their own "chemically made" short term fixes, which would fatten their wallet's to the tune of BILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars.

Most of these pills that the corporations were pushing had little to no real science behind them...

Well unless you count the pharmaceutically funded studies as "real scientific evidence".

See, that's how it works...

The corporation gives big checks to "researchers" who then come up with positive recommendations to the Government to approve these pills for widespread use.

Want to know who one of the biggest political donating classes is?

It's Big Pharma!

Big Pharma gives billions to fund re-election campaigns so once their "guy or girl" is in, they look the other way and give the green light to Big Pharma's brand new concoction.

Why Do Pharmaceutical Giants Turn A Blind Eye To Finding A Solution For Respiratory Conditions, When It's The 3rd & 4th Leading Cause Of Death Globally?

As a respiratory doctor, it truly upsets me everyday, knowing how disruptive lung problems can be.

It is the 3rd and 4th leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for over 6% of total deaths globally.

The exact problems that you're suffering from led to nearly 200,000 people dying last year.


But here's what blew my mind...

Diabetes is the 9th leading cause of death, accounting for 3% of total deaths.

Obviously, we should take Diabetes seriously...

But why is the 9th leading cause of death, receiving BILLIONS of dollars MORE in funding vs the 3rd & 4th leading cause of death that kills 2X as many people?


And why are there virtually no natural solutions to breathing issues, coughing problems and overall lung health that are well known?

Is it just a big secret?

Or is the natural solution purposefully being hidden from us?

I Discovered Doctors and Health practitioners Have Been HIDING this one thing...

Which is THE REAL REASON behind your breathing issues, uncontrollable coughing & wheezing...

I was shocked when I discovered that there is a specific "harmful protein" in your airways that restricts your airflow in your lungs and causes you to have trouble breathing.

This "Airway Blocking Protein" is called "Trapped Mucus" and it's the missing link to your full recovery.

Now remember, mucus is needed in your body to clean out bacteria and harmful foreign matter from your lungs...

But TRAPPED MUCUS can block airflow within your lungs and act like a magnet to attract bacteria, viruses and fungi into your lungs.

Here's exactly why...

Healthy Lungs Are Meant To Function Like This...


When you’re exposed to pollutants in the air, a healthy lung should operate in the following way:

#1 - Harmful foreign matter & pollutants enters your lungs...

#2 - A normal, healthy level of mucus is produced to clear the foreign matter out of your lungs...

#3 - Your lungs stay clean, your airways never clog up and you can breathe freely.

But if you're having breathing issues,
this is what you may be experiencing...


#1 - Harmful foreign matter & pollutants enters your lungs...

#2 - Your body mistakenly goes into "overdrive mode" and produces an unnecessarily high amount of mucus which can create a "pool of mucus" in your airways

#3 - The "pool of mucus" attracts more bacteria, viruses, and fungi within your lungs which progressively damages your lungs.

#4 - Additionally, this excessive pool of mucus can become "trapped" in your lungs, chest and throat which restricts airflow making it difficult to breathe.

Your bodies built-in mechanism to keep your airways clean Is called "the mucociliary escalator”

This "cleansing system" is complex, but in the simplest terms, it uses mucus to trap dirt, air pollution particles, allergens, etc. so it doesn't stay in your lungs.


But when your lungs are damaged, your bodies built-in mechanism can work against you, by producing an unhealthy amount of mucus in your airways, which can...

- Clog up your lungs

- Restrict your breathing

- And even attract MORE bacteria, fungi, and viruses INTO YOUR LUNGS!

The Core Reason Why You Struggle To Breathe
Is Because Of "The Trapped Mucus Cycle"

So how do we STOP and REVERSE this
downward spiral that is forcing you to suffer?

The body does its best to sweep the airways clean, but often it is a herculean task that cannot be automatically accomplished day after day.

And unfortunately if your body starts producing way too much mucus in your airways, blocking them, it could lead to you literally choking on your own mucus.

This is the reason why we need to help out our lungs with daily mucus clearance...

As airway clearance every single day helps your "mucociliary escalator" function more effectively, reducing the likelihood of "trapped mucus" in your airways

It's simple, your body needs to have a daily airway clearance routine to not only eliminate the excess mucus, but also remove the bacteria.

Eliminate the trapped mucus, and your body starts fixing itself from the inside...

If you keep your airways free from trapped mucus daily, you'll start feeling better immediately.

You'll instantly feel like a brand new person!

Your drains that were clogged shut, have been freed and you can finally breathe again fully and deeply.

And the best part is...

When you unlock the power of a daily airway clearance routine, keep your airways clean so trapped mucus isn't produced in the first place.

Now, it's critical that you begin using a daily airway clearance routine.


Because the trapped mucus can become a continuous problem and self-perpetuating cycle

It's not magic, it's science!

You could reverse this downward spiral with a simple, easy-to-use daily routine that unclogs the blocked, trapped mucus.

Instantly, your lungs regains it's normal function and your symptoms fade away and you feel better naturally.

"Unless You Have A Daily Mucus Clearance routine You May Be Stuck With trapped mucus and shortness of breath FOREVER..."


Inside of you right now, there are damaged areas in our lungs with little or no cilia to clear the excess mucus in your airways.

Hopefully you're starting to realize why it's vital to adopt a daily airway cleaning routine to keep the airway mechanism from producing excess mucus.

"If you keep your airways free from excess mucus daily, you'll
start breathing better and feeling better..."


Now that I discovered this...

Next was figuring out HOW to fix it…

I spent years trying to help people with low energy, decreased mobility, and poor sleep caused by all sorts of health complications...

But when it came to chronic breathing problems and uncontrollable coughing...


The natural formulas I was formulating weren’t getting them the results they so desperately needed...

But what if I could find a way to help the body naturally support lung health by cleaning excess mucus on a daily basis to attack and fix the root cause and not just covering up the symptoms?

In order to do this, I had to figure out how to clean out mucus every single day (not just a fix here or there) from the inside out…

"A long lost scientific research paper by 2 world renowned doctors in the 1800's revealed a secret way to clear out excess mucus From Your Lungs naturally..."

Dr. Wilson says...

"I myself for 10 years was a sufferer from lung problems and coughs.

Every evening I became hoarse, and experienced great pain, dryness of the trachea, and constant desire to clear my throat, which ruined my ability to sleep.

I tried using an exotic yellow herb called Mullein, and nothing could have been more speedy and efficient in procuring relief."

His colleague Dr. Gardner agreed and stated:


"Mullein is very popular here and is deemed to be useful as an expectorant and demulcent.

For coughs, both acute and chronic, Mullein has the soothing effects I desired.

This is the most effective treatment for breathing or coughing problems."

After uncovering their research journals, I wondered, how could Mullein have such a powerful effect on treating the root cause of breathing problems? - EXCESS MUCUS!

This Exotic Herb Acts Like
"A Drain For Your Excess Mucus"

So what are all of the benefits from this powerful plant from nature?

Well first, what is Mullein?

Mullein is an "expectorant", which simply means it helps the body expel excess mucus.

Usually by helping make your coughs more productive, to bring up mucus that may be settling in the chest or in the throat.

Mullein is also a "demulcent", which means it helps to relieve inflammation or irritation in the lungs!

The mullein flower is known to help support a healthy inflammation response and soothe the respiratory tract, as well as promoting circulation in the lungs.


The mullein flower is known to reduce inflammation and can sooth the respiratory tract, allowing you to breathe easier.


This is why we've received so many emails of people calling Mullein "Like a drain for their lungs".

Because Mullein helps remove any 'excess mucus build up' from the lungs and it helps the lungs purge themselves of any toxins, pollutants and foreign matter you may have been breathing in.

Mullein helps sooth irritation of your lungs, throat, and bronchial passages that may lead to difficulty breathing.

Shortness of breath and coughing can be alleviated with regular consumption of mullein.

Here's the 3 main reasons why Mullein is
"Nature's #1 solution to breathing problems"

#1 - Helps support healthy inflammation levels in the lungs

Mullein has been used for thousands of years to help support lung health.

Scientists believe that Mullein is especially effective at relieving symptoms like coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath.

And if you're still reading this right now, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief that you have both science and nature on your side to defeat this enemy.

Mullein beats coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath by supporting a healthy inflammation response, thus helping relax the muscles in your respiratory tract.

Many experts have concluded that Mullein fights inflammation because the leaves contain an extract with powerful antioxidant and healthy inflammation response that helps to rid the body of mucus and soothes the raw, inflamed tracts of your system, like your throat.

#2 - Mullein helps support a healthy immune system

Here's great news that will bring a smile to your face, scientists call Mullein "Nature's Lung Support".

Researchers at Clemson University confirmed that mullein may help support a healthy immune system.

In 2002, these researchers reproted that the plant's extracts are effective for helping promote lung health.

One test-tube study found that mullein extract inhibited several strains of bacteria, including Bacillus cereus, which commonly occurs in soil and food. Another test-tube study noted that mullein extract reduced the growth of certain types of bacteria that cause infections.

Scientists have concluded that Mullein may help support the immune system which boosts the health of the respiratory system.

#3 - Helps clear excess mucus in your lungs so you can finally experience a long-needed breath of fresh air

It may help with old coughs that have, over time, worn down and inflamed the soft hairs of the lungs.

A tightness may be preventing full intake of breath.

Mullein lubricates the mucus lining of the lungs and helps loosen stubborn mucus in the chest.

It opens up the constricted airways and serves as an "expectorant" to push that tough stagnant mucus out, offering you to breathe normally again.

Mullein has natural mucilage which soothes, coats, and protects the respiratory system from the mouth to the lungs.

Now, I know I've been going through a lot of complex scientific jargon.

But here's all you need to remember. Mullein naturally clears mucus from your airways, which is VITAL for you to do on a daily basis to feel better.

Mullein helps clear excess mucus build-up in your lungs, thus opening up blocked and semi-closed airways.

This helps you restore maximum lung capacity.

Results are immediate because the Mullein clears out the mucus from your lungs and restores your mucocilliary elevator to work efficiently again to clear out mucus before it can build up! Imagine the relief you'll experience after years of backed up phlegm and mucus finally get pushed out.

Picture how amazing you'll feel when your body cleanses itself of these toxins, soothes your muscle lining within your lungs, and creates healthy new mucus linings.

Imagine feeling relief from this nightmare within hours of taking your first dose!

Mullein is trusted, recommended, and even used by hundreds of pulmonologists to help eliminate coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath.

Since Mullein comes from nature, not a lab, it is 100% safe, effective, and side-effect free.

You can now clear out, strengthen and expand your lungs without unproven ingredients or trial and error.

You've suffered for too long, your body deserves to be nourished in order to deepen and relax your breathing to release anxiety and help you feel normal again.

Checkout What People Are Saying About Mullein...


An amazing little-known plant

"My breathing problems progressively got worse and worse until I was debating on seeing a pulmonary rehabilitation expert...

I couldn't sleep, but I was exhausted all day...

I'd experience fits of uncontrollable coughing episodes every 10-20 minutes...

and no matter what I tried, NOTHING WORKED.

I finally took Mullein and within 24 hours, I felt 75% better...

In the matter of a week, I forgot I ever had difficulty breathing.

I was completely back to normal and the nightmare was over.

My doctor is shocked, but he says, if it works, then keep taking it ...

I'll be a customer for life, 5 stars, highly recommend!"


Mullein worked when other supplements didn't...

I've always been skeptical of natural solutions, but I researched it myself... the science is sound...

My doctor even recommended Mullein because it works when mainstream options stop working or aren't effective enough to clear the mucus out...

He told me to get some Mullein from a trusted source online and I trusted his word, even though I've never bought a natural supplement.

Thank God I did, within 48 hours, I was cleared right up. I feel way more energy and I sleep like I haven't slept in decades.

My breathing problems were limiting my mobility and I started feeling almost disabled...

I couldn't walk up the stairs or plant in the garden and it eroded my quality of life.

I was so surprised that it's not more popular honestly, it's a hidden gem if you struggle with coughing, wheezing, or difficulty breathing.

I tell all my friends, family and neighbors about it.

Highly recommend!

Thanks to this "Gift From Nature" - folks just like this and thousands of other former sufferers are living free from breathing problems.

And since this natural remedy is working so well for these folks, can you imagine how it could change your life?

Just picture it...

You could go to your kids or grandkids sports games or dance recital...

Or just go for a walk and feel the sun on your face again.

And can you imagine how amazing it’ll feel to finally get a good night’s sleep?

Instead of waking up tossing and turning every few hours with a cough that just won't go away no matter what you do...

You’d be able to sink peacefully into your bed and sleep through the night like a baby.


After discovering Mullein, I felt like jumping up and praising God because, for the first time in years, I finally felt like I was ACTUALLY going to help people.

I know what it feels like to count the minutes trying to make it through the day.

Your life has turned into "survival mode" because the frustration is unbearable...

To feel the agony slowly taking over your entire life until you feel like you’re dying inside.

I know that if you’ve been struggling with breathing problems for years…

It slowly eats away at your confidence, self-esteem, and happiness...

Even if you’ve tried everything out there…

There is hope!

You can do something to support your lung health.

And I genuinely want to help you in your journey.

So I decided to contribute to the cause by encapsulating the power of this potent “remedy”...

And Call It
Lung Trust®


The truth is... if you want to support your lung health and no longer want to neglect it.

Then Lung Trust is exactly what you need, the only regret you'll have is you wish you got it sooner!

It's specifically designed to help ease coughing, wheezing and difficulty breathing.

And fighting against mucus to defeat it naturally.

The science-backed ingredients in Lung Trust can help you feel better than you have in months or perhaps even years.

So, if you’re ready to finally feel like you're in control of your own life...

Then Lung Trust is for you.

Lung Trust helps fight against Mucus by empowering your daily airway clearance routine…

Believe me, you’ll be amazed at how much better Lung Trust helps you feel.

Simply take a few drops, and within just a short time you will start feeling incredible results.


The first thing you’ll notice is how much looser
your chest feels, no more tightness.

Next, you might realize you’ve gone for hours without a single cough...

It won’t be long before you feel normal again, how amazing would that feel? Enjoying the freedom and joy of never worrying again.

You’ll be able to do all your favorite activities again… just like when you were a kid.

The best thing about it is that Lung Trust contains the highest quality ingredients out there.

We process our formula in small batches so we can make sure you get the purest, most powerful formula there is.

And because our facility is GMP-certified you can be sure every
single ounce is produced under the safest, strictest and highest
standards possible.


Lung Trust is safe to use, and it tastes amazing.

How exciting would it be to watch your favorite sports team?


Give your grandkids a piggy-back ride...

Or go for a hike with your friends?

And what if you could finally get back to the gym?

You’d be able to lose the extra weight, and show off your slim, fit body...

Throw away your pajamas...

And splurge on that outfit you’ve been eyeing.

Best of all, you’ll stop believing that life has passed you by…

... and start being the producer, the director and the writer of your life.

But there’s one thing you should know.

Lung Trust works great because Mullein is powering it to attack and fix the root cause of the problem.

No more temporary, short term fixes that leave you feeling frustrated again and again.


But I wanted to make it the most effective mucus destroying product out there by addressing real cause which is clearing your airways on a daily basis…

Finally, after months of researching clinical data, we created an even more potent formulation.

After trying it out… we were amazed to discover it was even MORE effective.

And while that was surprising, what was even more astonishing was that people who tried it out…saw even better results than before!

Remember, the longer you live with this problem, the more and more the mucus gets lodged and the more difficult it is to clear it out...

Thankfully, Mullein is the #1 mucus busting plant in the world.


Lung Trust can help...

  • Clears out phlegm and mucous
  • ​Soothes smooth muscle lining within the lungs
  • ​Cleanses toxins
  • ​Creates healthy new mucous linings
  • ​Removes blockages and phlegm plugs
  • ​Increases lung circulation
  • ​Deepens and relax breathing
  • ​Nourishes the lungs with essential vitamins and minerals

Renowned Respiratory Therapist Elizabeth Moffett Recommends Using This Extract Along With Breathing Exercises Everyday!

"I am a practicing respiratory registered therapist and certified educator who has been teaching students for 12 years while running my rehabilitation clinic.

I must say, I really love the quality of this product and my clients find this extract extremely effective at helping people with respiratory issues breathe better & clear the excess mucus in their lungs, especially when paired with the right breathing exercises!"

Once you have the energy, strength and power that come with trusting your body… you’ll be able to do the impossible.

You’ll turn your weaknesses into strengths and tap into the power that makes you the mighty warrior you are.

No doubt about it.


When you master your body, you’ll also master your mind…and open yourself up to a world of possibilities.

Now after hearing everything that Lung Trust does...

I know you’ll want to get ahold of it as soon as you can. I’d love to give you the link to the order page right away, but before I do that...

I need you to let you know something very important.

The Lung Trust isn’t for everyone.

As I mentioned earlier, we scoured the world in order to find the most effective, highest quality ingredients.

We don’t use any antibiotics, artificial sweeteners, colors, or preservatives.

Plus, Lung Trust is made in an FDA approved facility.

But right now, there’s a huge supply chain crisis problem.

That means, it is unfortunately possible that we could run out of the Lung Trust.


However, we’re absolutely unwilling to sacrifice the quality of our product by using cheaper, less potent substitutes.

With all the shortages, we have to make sure everyone who wants to use Lung Trust has a chance to get it.

That’s why if you want access, you’ll need to meet two simple qualifications first.

Criteria #1: I don’t want Lung Trust to just sit on your shelf.

If you buy it, I want you to take it… and get the full benefits.

If you want to get true results, you need to commit to taking Lung Trust every day… rain or shine.

Criteria #2: You don’t need to be a Navy SEAL to know there are no quick fixes.

Real change takes time.

That’s why you must be committed to taking Lung Trust for the long term.

Believe me, my patients always tell me that the first time they tried it out Lung Trust, they felt like a new person.

There’s nothing like the feeling of being in control of your body again. But that great feeling of being able to live life again - didn’t stop there.

The longer they took Lung Trust , the better they felt.

That’s why I recommend you order at least a 3-month supply.

It’s the best way to make sure you always have enough Lung Trust on hand.

If you fit the two criteria I mentioned above, then you qualify for a special discount.


This Discount Will Automatically Be Applied, However, If You Leave This Page You Lose it Forever...


Now, if you take advantage of the bulk discount and you choose the 3 or 6 bottle packages, you'll also receive a few special bonuses...

Bonus 1 - "Breathing & Exercise Techniques To Improve Lung Capacity Ebook"


First, you'll receive the "Breathing & Exercise Techniques To Improve Lung Capacity eBook"

With our own experience, Martha saw the best results when we combined Lung Trust with specific breathing and exercise techniques to open her airways and speed her recovery...

And I get it, you may be thinking... "I can't exercise, I feel terrible... I'm exhausted... or I don't have the energy to work out?"

I've got you covered, because these are simple, easy exercises that will make you feel better and help you clear out your mucus buildup even faster.

Having trouble breathing or experiencing breathlessness can be a very scary experience, I get it.

However, panic, worry and anxiety, which are natural responses to this, will often make it even harder to breathe regularly again.

Once breathlessness starts, it can easily cascade out of control, becoming worse and worse if not appropriately managed quickly.

It is important to take a step back, pause, and regroup to be able to effectively implement proven strategies and regain control.


The breathing and exercise technique to improve lung capacity eBook will teach techniques that doctors and researchers recommend for people with lung-related breathing issues.

We will not only introduce you to the most effective breathing exercises and how to practice them, but also help in understanding how they work and what the best times are to use them.

One thing that makes breathing exercises such a valuable treatment option is the fact that they can be applied anytime and anywhere as long as the steps are learned and understood.

So say you're in your car and struggling to breathe, you'll learn simple techniques to instantly feel better by using the power of your own body and breath.

They're 100% safe, extremely effective, and simple enough for anyone to learn quickly and are great techniques for your lung problems.

When you order the Lung Trust, you'll automatically and instantly receive your eBook today!

Feel the difference yourself and send an email telling me how amazing you now feel.

TODAY: RRP ($97!)


(With The 3 Or 6 Bottle Package)

Bonus 2 - "The 7 Day Tea Lung Detox Ebook"


The 7 Day Tea Lung Detox Ebook

The next bonus you'll receive for free today is the "The 7 Day Tea Lung Detox eBook"

Within just 7 days of nurturing your lungs with the gentle power of this herbal tea, you'll transform the way you breathe!

This E-book can help smokers present and past, city dwellers, athletes, and those with recurring lung issues fall in love with the herbs and teas discussed in the eBook.

Ever wonder which herbs and teas are best to open your airways and clear out your mucus?

Look no further, everything is inside this information packed eBook to make you feel better about the journey to recovery.

Learn easy techniques that can transform your lungs in just 7 days.

This eBook will help you

  • Remove blockages and phlegm
  • ​Deepen and relax breathing
  • ​Increase lung circulation
  • ​Nourish the lungs with essential vitamins and minerals
  • ​And much, much more!

You do not want to miss out on these special bonuses, so order Lung Trust today and you'll get both bonuses for free.

You'll receive them immediately to your email, so you'll begin your road to recovery literally within seconds of pressing the button below.

But I want to go 1 step further and make your choice even easier today...

TODAY: RRP ($97!)


(With The 3 Or 6 Bottle Package)

Bonus 3 - The 21-Day Lung Solution


“First, you'll receive the "The Lung Solution digital programme"

With our own experience, Martha saw the best results when we combined The Lung Juice with specific breathing and exercise techniques found in "The 21-Day Lung Solution".

And I get it, you may be thinking... "I can't exercise, I feel terrible... I'm exhausted... or I don't have the energy to work out?"

I've got you covered, because these are simple, easy exercises that will make you feel better and help you clear out your mucus buildup even faster.

Having trouble breathing or experiencing breathlessness can be a very scary experience, I get it.

However, panic, worry and anxiety, which are natural responses to this, will often make it even harder to breathe regularly again.

Once breathlessness starts, it can easily cascade out of control, becoming worse and worse if not appropriately managed quickly.

It is important to take a step back, pause, and regroup to be able to effectively implement proven strategies and regain control.

This eBook will help you

The 21-Day Lung Solution digital programmewill teach techniques that doctors and researchers recommend for people with lung-related breathing issues.

We will not only introduce you to the most effective breathing exercises and how to practice them, but also help in understanding how they work and what the best times are to use them.

One thing that makes breathing exercises found in The 21-Day Lung Solution such a valuable treatment option is the fact that they can be applied anytime and anywhere as long as the steps are learned and understood.

So say you're in your car and struggling to breathe, you'll learn simple techniques to instantly feel better by using the power of your own body and breath.

They're 100% safe, extremely effective, and simple enough for anyone to learn quickly and are great techniques for your lung problems.

When you order the Lung Trust, you'll automatically and instantly receive your eBook today!

Feel the difference yourself and send an email telling me how amazing you now feel.”

TODAY: RRP ($1,500!)


(With The 3 Or 6 Bottle Package)

Bonus 4 - The World's Largest Respiratory Health Community


Plug in to a caring and supportive community of people who all want to improve their mental and lung health.

Surrounding yourself with people who know exactly what you are going through also enables you to receive and offer physical and emotional support.

Our online community is growing strong with over 10,000 members!”

TODAY: RRP ($200!)


(With The 3 Or 6 Bottle Package)

Lung Trust has been optimized for potency, purity, and safety.


Normally, we’d charge at least $200 a bottle.

As I mentioned earlier...

Lung Trust contains the most powerful form of Mullein on the planet specifically formulated to beat mucus naturally and keep your airways free from trapped mucus daily...

Plus, it's formulated to support long term lung health when you use it everyday!

Plus, it's formulated to support long term lung health when you use it everyday!


And to make sure we have the highest quality, we source from all over the world.

Lung Trust cannot be bought in a store.

And while I know that many of you would snap up Lung Trust at $200...

if it meant ending the nightmare of breathing problems and lung issues...

I know that times are hard right now.

I want to make sure that everyone who wants to, has a chance to get their own supply of Lung Trust.

No one should have to suffer, just because they’re struggling financially.

So I decided to slash the price, and make Lung Trust even lower.

Because our goal is to help as many families become free from mucus problems forever...

Fortunately, we were able to get it down to just $69 a bottle.

That’s just $2.30 a day…

… less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

And I'm not talking about Starbucks coffee...

It's HALF the price of a cup of Starbucks!!!

It's more than 30% off the regular price right now!

Now look, while that’s a massive discount...

I have an even better deal for you...

Since Mullein is a rare ingredient that is difficult to source...

And because the entire world is experiencing massive supply chain issues...

I want to make a special offer for you right now...

... Here it is: the more bottles you buy, the bigger discount we can give you.

Plus, if you order at least three bottles, you'll only pay $59 per bottle...

But our absolute best value is the 6 bottle package...

When you order 6 bottles, you'll only pay $49 per bottle today...

So you could end up getting all the benefits of Lung Trust for just $1.63 a day!

Oh, and one last thing… Remember, Lung Trust is NOT sold in stores.


So if you want to take advantage of this special discount, I suggest you stock up right now. Because the truth is we cannot guarantee we won't run out of supply...

The demand for Lung Trust has been far greater than anything I could've anticipated...

You don't want to run out of Lung Trust when you desperately need it...

Or even worse...

Can you imagine pulling out your credit card right now...

Heading to the order page...

... only to see a big fat “SOLD OUT”sign?


I’d hate to see that happen to you.


In a few short moments, you'll see a big yellow button that says “add to cart.”

Click it, and you’ll be taken to the order page.

Once you choose the package that’s right for you, you’ll be taken straight to a secure order page.

This secure checkout page uses the same level of security as websites like does to protect your privacy and information...

Fill out all of the details, and click the order button.

You’ll get your first order of Lung Trust right to your doorstep in just 4-7 business days.

Oh, and don’t forget to keep an eye out.

Because once your order arrives, you’ll want to take some right away, following this daily routine.


Every day you’ll be giving your body what it needs to be healthy, strong, and active again...

I've heard countless stories of people just like you who went from feeling disabled to feeling decades younger...

We got an email last week with the subject "Is this the fountain of youth??"

After all, why wait to ease your throat and chest, restore your ability to breathe normally again and end the constant coughing?

If you’re like some of our customers, you could start seeing a difference in just a few days or less...

You could see the agony fade away to become a distant memory...

The tightness and stress finally subside...

And the unbearable fatigue could vanish completely.

Imagine just getting a full night's sleep...

How long has it been?

You deserve to sleep like a baby...

How amazing would it be to stop being a prisoner in your own body?

You’d be able to spend time with family and friends without worrying what they think when you start the 3rd coughing fit that night…

Spend time with your significant other on a beautiful dinner date...

Or just spend a day doing what you love...

It won’t take long before everyone starts wondering about the new you.

"What's your secret?" They ask...

And you can feel good knowing it's a gift from nature that helped you feel better...

As the weeks pass, you’ll be able to smile and hold your head up as you get even stronger.

And if your neighbors sneak over & ask you how you did it…


… I hope you’ll share the secret of Lung Trust with them too.

I’ve seen it happen for thousands of people, and I want to see it happen to you too!

But before you get your supply of Lung Trust...

I want to make sure you feel completely comfortable with your decision.

That’s why I’d like to offer you…


Our “Try It Before You Buy It”

I’m so sure you'll be happy with Lung Trust, that I’d like to
give you a full 90 days to try it out.

Order it, try it out.

If after 90 days you’re not absolutely thrilled with the results…

we’ll give you every penny of your money back.

No questions asked.

Listen, I’m just a regular person like you.

We’re a family-run business, not a big, faceless corporation that’s out to profit from you.

After everything I have been through, we just want to help others get their lives back again.

If you're anything like the countless people we've helped...

You're sick and tired of suffering and want to finally end the nightmare...

You just want to get your life back and start living again...

I strongly believe each and every person has an obligation to make this world a better place, in whatever way they can.

It’s just the right thing to do.

And if that means I can help just a few more people…

and live the life they’ve been dreaming of…

… then I’ve done my job.

So right now, you have two choices.

You can keep fighting to get through another day...

Praying you can make it through...

And hoping your spouse and family don’t get sick of you...

Leaving you all alone.


Or you can refuse to be broken and rise again as the powerful warrior you’re meant to be.

All you have to do is try out Lung Trust.

And you won’t have to worry anymore.

Instead, you’ll be able to defy the odds and start living a whole new life.

You’ll be unstoppable.


Click the button below to get started.

Remember, there’s no telling how long this will be in stock.

I don’t want to see you without the one thing you need to make a huge difference in your life.

So don’t wait - click the "Add to Cart" button below to get started.

Good Value 1 Bottle




GREAT Value 6 Bottle





GREAT Value 3 Bottles





60,000+ Customers Worldwide LOVE Using This Extract To Clear Out The Excess Mucus From Their Lungs Everyday!


Here’s What Others Are Saying About
Lung Trust®


"I have meticulously reviewed countless lung and breathing solutions and found Lung Trust to be one of a kind."

If you've been suffering from uncontrollable coughing and difficulty breathing, I recommend Lung Trust.


Thank Goodness there is Lung Trust

“Thank Goodness there is Lung Trust, This gentle herb seems to focus its energy in a very effective way in the lungs, and it gets to work fast! If you suffer from breathing issues, wheezing, coughing, then you really need to try Lung Trust”


Best Decision I’ve Made

“Thank God I found out about Lung Trust, I ordered a 6 month supply, and right away I noticed a big difference!”


What have you got to lose?

“I heard about Lung Trust and thought I would give it a shot, so I ordered a 6 month supply and MAN, has this been a game changer. This is a great product and if you have not tried this for your difficulty breathing or excess coughing, then I highly urge you to give it a shot. What have you got to lose?"

*Some reviews above received compensation (such as a free bottle) for their review & likeness, when someone does something nice for us we believe in giving back :)


Good Value 1 Bottle




GREAT Value 6 Bottle





GREAT Value 3 Bottles





Just 7-Seconds A Day to Support Lung Health:

This natural, yet scientifically proven formula works day and night to keep you breathing free, healthy, and happy.

Here's What to Expect Next...


After you click through this page, you’ll be taken to our secure order page that’s protected by a 256-bit encryption system...

This is the same level of security used by companies like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, so your information is always 100% protected.


… Then, depending on where you live, you should have your very first supply of Lung Trust® at your doorstep within just 5-7 days.

(Shipping is 100% free for 3 bottles or more by the way).

Now, when your package arrives on your doorstep...

Here’s what I want you to do.


Take the recommended dosages per day...

And then watch carefully...

pay close attention to how you feel...

Because if you’re not 100% satisfied with the quality you get from Lung Trust®, then I want you to send us an email so we can return every single dime of your investment - no questions asked.


If Lung Trust® doesn’t work exactly like I say it does...

You don’t owe us one red cent.

So click the button below now to order your 6-month supply, or whatever amount makes the most sense to you...

Good Value 1 Bottle




GREAT Value 6 Bottle





GREAT Value 3 Bottles





Here's exactly what you'll get in the mail
when you decide to order...

#1: Your delivery box of Lung Trust® ...


Now that you have all the info you need, click below to get started on your order...

Good Value 1 Bottle




GREAT Value 6 Bottle





GREAT Value 3 Bottles





Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Lung Trust®

Will it work for me?

Every person is different, but Lung Trust® is remarkably effective for nearly everyone who’s tried it. It contains well studied ingredients with tons of evidence showing their efficacy. But if for any reason you’re not satisfied with The , remember that you can always return it and receive 100% of your investment back.

What are the ingredients in Lung Trust?

Each bottle contains enough drops to last you 30 days of use. Here’s exactly what’s in your Lung Trust:

How is Lung Trust different from everything else I've tried?

Lung Trust® works by clearing excess mucus and supporting lung health, instead of just short term relief.

How does Lung Trust compare to other similar supplements?

Lung Trust is a Trademarked and Registered Brand, however, that has not stopped copy-cat products from popping up. Unfortunately, these other brands deceive you by using ineffective dosages of the active ingredients or trick you by selling you lower quality Mullein (take 4 a day, so it only lasts 15 days)...

We highly recommend buying the real "Lung Trust" directly on our website to avoid any confusion. And to make sure you are getting the effective dosages and a bottle that last the full 30+ days.

How do I take it?
How quickly does it work?

You will start to see mucus clear, improved lung function, & energy benefits very quickly, that can dramatically improve your quality of life.

As for nourishing & supporting proper lung health, this won’t happen overnight, our formula uses the most bioavailable form of each ingredient so that the ingredients absorb into your system faster than other supplements.

Some customers have seen results immediately, while for most it will take 3 months to get the best results.

Each case is different - and a number of factors can influence the amount of time it’ll take to see improvement. We strongly recommend taking Lung Trust® for at least 3 months for your best chance at success.

We also understand that despite the great success rate with our formula, it won’t work for everyone. Which is why we offer a 90-Day guarantee on your most recent order. If Lung Trust® doesn’t work for you, we give you an entire year to request a refund (minus s&h) on your most recent order.

Are there any side effects?

All of the ingredients inside of Lung Trust® are safe and haven’t been shown to have any significant side effects. However, since every person is different, make sure to always talk to your Doctor about whether Lung Trust® is right for you.

Can I take Lung Trust along with my current medications?

The naturally occurring ingredients in Lung Trust® are generally safe to take with prescription medications, but we recommend consulting with your physician or pharmacist first.

Because some prescriptions can temporarily inhibit the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, we recommend taking Lung Trust® either 30 mins before or after taking your prescriptions. This will ensure more of the ingredients in Lung Trust® are absorbed into your system.

What is the shelf life?

Each bottle is stamped with a “Date of Manufacture” (DOM), we recommend you use the product within 24 months of the DOM.

What does the medical community think about these products?

Two PHds (Doctors) have reviewed and given their stamp of approval on all the ingredients in our Lung Trust® formula.

Am I going to be on any sort of subscription or auto-shipment?

No, we only offer a one-time-purchase to avoid any confusion. If you like the product we trust you'd come back on your own.

Where is the product manufactured?

We proudly manufacture each and every component in the USA and UK. We don’t outsource any of our customer service positions overseas and proudly support the local economy.

What are the active ingredients?

Mullein Herb Extract

Mullein Herb Extract has been used for 1,000s of years & has been traditionally used as an expectorant to clear mucus and phlegm Although, there is no clinical studies that this “ancient remedy” is better than guaifenesin in doing that, our clients really enjoy taking this natural extract.

[Disclaimer: The above portion was written by a team member of My Honest Review of Lung Trust®

If you experience issues with excess mucuson a regular basis, and if you don’t prefer consuming foods that can naturally clear your lungs, you should think about taking Lung Trust.

Lung Trust is a great supplement that contains all of these beneficial ingredients in a single drop that can help alleviate the occasional breathlessness that you might be currently feeling. The ingredients in the Lung Trust are some of the most researched and well documented herbs.

However, for your safety and health when deciding whether or not to use a supplement, consult your healthcare professional. They can assist you in finding a balance between the foods and nutrients you require.

How does the guarantee work again?

Once you place your order of Lung Trust® you have a full 90 days to try it for yourself. If for any reason during that time you’re not 100% satisfied, simply send an email to and you’ll receive every dime of your investment back — no hassle, and no questions asked.

You’ll find this email listed on our website, in your confirmation email and in every delivery of Lung Trust® you receive.

What if I have other questions?

If you have any questions during your experience, feel free to contact our U.S. based support team at our support email or via phone (844) 361-1273. You can always find both our email and phone number listed on our website.

How do I get started?

All you have to do is click the button below to place your order. Remember that since you’re on this page, you get our “Invest More, Save more” discount, which means that the more you buy the more you save. Once you place your order, you should have it on your doorstep within 5-7 days depending on where you live.


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